Friday, January 29, 2010

Survived the Big Wind

The panels survived another durability test earlier this week when we experienced a day of violent wind. There were a lot of loose shingles blowing around the township (but none of mine, as it turns out). The winds were so strong that they did this to Washington Township High School just a few miles away:

Strong winds peeled sections of the roof off piece by piece until rain was falling into classrooms. The damage was so bad that classes were dismissed, everybody was sent home in the rain and school was cancelled the next day so the roof could be repaired.

From Fox News:
In New Jersey, Washington Township High School is closed. Fox 29's Steve Keeley reports a portion of the school's roof was peeled off by high winds. Heavy rain poured into several classrooms. Students were evacuated and sent home Monday just before lunch. It's not clear when classes will resume for the 3,000 students, faculty, and staff.

We sustained no damage at all to the panels, which started cranking out juice as soon as the sun came out the next day. That's a relief.


Steve said...

Hi Dave, I've written to you before. I am happy to report that despite the misinformation that I was given by my utility company, I AM getting a one for one credit for the solar energy that I return to the grid. My net meter shows energy flowing to the house and energy flowing from my house to the grid. My bill this month is for the balance (203 kWh). That's a relief. My pay off time will be much shorter. I'm still waiting for the state to certify my system so that I can earn SRECs!


dave c. said...

That's great news, Steve. And as you said (well, implied) last time, that's the way it should be.

Thanks for the update!