Monday, April 19, 2010

Solar Fred

I have a permanent link to Solar Fred's site over to the right but I think he should have a big fat plug right here. This man is spreading the word and he's funny too!

One particular fact that I saw on that page is the "payback" periods for various states. I've often said that my system (9.12 kwh) will pay for itself in 4 years. Many folks think I'm lying or just clueless. I was glad to see that Fred projects the payback period to be 3.4 years in New Jersey. I may be clueless but I wasn't lying. After 4 years I'll be generating 80% of my own electricity using a paid off system that is under warranty for decades.

It all adds up for me.

By the way, the electric meter is down to 17,353 as of this morning. So we've generated about 600 kwh of power more than we used in the past four weeks -- all which went out onto the power grid for credit.

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