Monday, May 24, 2010

Meter Readings for Last Month (or So)

I haven't posted any numbers for a while, so here goes. I don't track everything on a daily basis anymore. It was too much work, and I ended up losing my data when my computer crashed anyway.

Now I just look at the electric meter once in a while. To me this is the most important number because it summarizes the balance between power generated and power used.

[These are all a.m. meter readings.]

April 12: 17,510
April 13: 17,475
April 14: 17,493
April 15: 17,454
April 19: 17,353
April 21: 17,300
April 25: 17,213
April 28: 17,251
May 5: 17,294
May 17: 17,118
May 24: 17,140

A decrease from the previous reading means that a surplus has been generated and exported to the power grid. An increase means the opposite.

The reasons for fluctuations is obvious -- on cloudy days we don't generate as much power. On hot days we use more power (A.C.)


Jack Jennings said...

Hi Dave.

If your have an inverter like the one shown in your diagram (An SMA- German model) or some others, you can read the actual generation from the digital readout on the inverter.

Dave Conifer said...

Thanks, Jack. Ours does have a digital readout and I used to record those numbers religiously. Then I realized that for me it was more trouble than it was worth. I just like seeing the end result on the electric meter.

Most of the information that comes up on the inverter readout is stuff I don't really understand anyway...