Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Snow is Costing me Money!

This is our second straight day of sunshine but we're not generating any energy. We've had lots of snow since the system was installed, and each time the snow slid off the panels within hours. This time it's hanging tough. There's not an inch of exposed panel.

I'd like to get the avalanche (and post-avalanche shoveling) over with so we can get back to making energy...


Douglas said...

I was wondering how everyone was fairing with the snow. I've got the same issue with the snow sticking. I looked up online what others are doing, and many of the solutions seem a bit dangerous to the panels.

I was able to clean a few off with a pool brush we use during the summer. It telescopes to around 20 feet, and has a soft brush on the end, but that only reaches about 1/3 of the array.

Luckily, I have the Enphase inverter system, so each panel makes it's own power. The panels that are clean are now working as normal, but the others are dead.

Does anyone else have suggestions that are "safe" that they use to clean off panels? I'd love to know. This is my first snow season and thus far no "avalanches".


Dave Conifer said...

Hi Douglas,

The snow slid off my panels bit by bit later that afternoon. The incremental avalanches are a bit dangerous. I've learned to recognize the rumbling sound, and when I hear it I drop my snow shovel and scurry away. I wonder how long it'll be before somebody gets walloped by one...


Anonymous said...

I went to Home Depot and bought a 20"wide squeegie and a 16' extension handle.
My system is mounted on the ground. I was able to push the snow over the higher panels and drag the snow to the bottom of the lower panels. The squeegie is soft foam rubber and will not hurt the panels, furthermore, if you scrape the top layer of snow off, the sun will melt the rest.

skipper386 said...

that's a real pain having those snow
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