Monday, April 18, 2011

One SREC / Lots of Surplus Power Right Now

We earned one SREC for March, and received $640 for it at auction. The consistency of these numbers is starting to worry me. I'm not kidding. Am I paranoid?

The system is still kicking butt. These periods of the year when daylight isn't so short and the A.C. isn't on are the best. Lots of surplus power being generated and exported...


Douglas said...


I learned about a new NJ firm that you can sell SRECs through. Pricing is better than SRECTrader and the fees are less. They are flett exchange and they did a presentation at a clean energy show I went to.

I was wondering if anyone has used them before. I'm thinking about selling my next SRECs through them and figured this was the site to ask if anyone else had used them.


daveconifer said...

Hi DougS,

There have actually been a lot of mentions of Flett in the comments when I post my SREC auction results. Everybody seems to think highly of them. I know nothing of their fee schedules but they often bring an SREC price that's a couple dollars higher than what I get from SRECTrade.

I'm happy with SRECTrade because they've treated me really well but the Flett customers would probably say the same. And that's good!



Anonymous said...

Flett Exchange has two options for selling SRECs. Clients can choose the do-it-yourself service or the managerial service. Sellers who choose the do-it-yourself service incur a $2.50 transaction cost per SREC. SREC sellers who choose the managerial option incur a 3% transaction for Flett Exchange monitoring, managing, executing, and transferring your SRECs via a tracking system.

I personally will stick with SRECTrade and have no fees when selling. They have been good to me as well.

- Going Green in Maryland

Jack Jennings said...

Based on what I learned from this website, I have been selling my SRECs through SRECTrade until three months ago. I was contacted by Howard at who offered me $651.00 per SREC, with no fees or commissions. Everything went fine with the first two transactions and I have just transferred my March SREC to him for sale, again for $651. I tend to believe they have very little overhead and can hence pay more for the SRECs. Their checks are hand-written and haven't bounced yet. You might want to try them:
Howard L Fleischer
Managing Partner
Cell: 609/915-1101

Anonymous said...

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Jack Jennings said...

For you guys who have been satisfied with the auctions prices, I again suggest you consider selling you SRECs to Whereas you folks have been getting $640 per SREC at auction, I've been getting $651 from Howard at Drop him an email if interested. "Howard L Fleischer"