Monday, August 22, 2011

SRECs Prices Declining in NJ (Yeah, We Know)

Here's an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer telling is what we already know.

SREC prices plummeting!

I've just authorized my broker to sell the ones I have on hand basically for whatever they can get.

The weird part is how sudden this was. It was 600, 600, 600, etc., etc, straight to *worthless*. You'd think the decline would have been slower and steadier...

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Anonymous said...

I've read they're down to under $300 now. Of course the argument is that the lower value of the SREC's will keep new people from signing up, and when next year's SREC requirements go up, you'll have a shortage again, the prices will go back to $600. For people who don't need the money ASAP, holding the SREC's till the new solar year might be beneficial.