Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Revenue Grade Meter Finally Installed

We finally decided that it wasn't smart to throw away the opportunity to earn SRECs (which, if you've been keeping up, we haven't been doing for nearly two years). It took a lot of research and many phone calls and emails, but we finally found a meter that met the requirements:

  and an electrician to install it.


  It's not the most glamorous thing I've ever seen. I was hoping for something high-tech, but it looks like something from the sixties*. Oh well, no matter. It only cost $685, installed. It'll pay for itself in half a year, tops. I've already let my SREC broker know that we're getting back into the SREC business. We'll have to make a modification to our account, I suppose, and then I'll have to figure out where to enter the meter readings. Then we'll be back in the clean energy market.


  * On the other hand, I'm something from the sixties myself, 1963 to be exact, so who am I to complain?

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Kelsey Compars said...

I have heard about solar before. I wonder how much it costs on average. Maybe it would be a beneficial for my family and I.