Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surprise -- Installation in Three Weeks

We received a call from groSolar today. They're planning on beginning the installation in about three weeks, which is much sooner than the July date that we were expecting. There's no reason not to do it sooner, though, if they can. I can expect a call soon from the project manager, E.F., to start coordinating the installation. They will take care of all the permits and handle all matters with the power company, PSE&G.

In the meantime I have to get busy on submitting the construction application and paperwork to our homeowner's association. Also, I have to contact the New Jersey SREC Program Administrator to register for an SREC account. That's where an SREC will be deposited each time we generate 1000 KW of energy.

New Jersey SREC Program Administrator
(201) 612-3221

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