Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Solar July (So Far)

So far July has been a great month for solar power in South Jersey. Over the first six days we've generated 6 kwh more than what we've used. That includes the running of central A/C and the pool filter, two energy pigs.

     Power     Power Imported Power Exported
Date Generated from Grid      to Grid

---- --------- -------------- --------------

7/1  42.4 kwh     6 kwh

7/2  44.9 kwh     7 kwh

7/3  49.9 kwh                     4 kwh

7/4  48.2 kwh                     4 kwh

7/5  48.2 kwh                     1 kwh

7/6  55.1 kwh                     10 kwh

This is encouraging because unlike our first month (June), the weather lately has been much more typical for the Mid-Atlantic region. I think we can expect this kind of production rather than what happened in June.

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