Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waiting for State Certification Number

Well, somebody who's a few weeks ahead of me warned me about this. We passed the final state inspection on July 1 but we still haven't been issued a "state certification number." Why is this important? Because we can't start accumulating SRECs until we have an SREC account which we

can't set up until we have this number. As N. from NJCEP told me last month, they're not going to award SRECs to a solar installation until that installation has passed state inspection.

I made one call today and left a message with somebody with the state. Tommorow I'll have to be a little more aggressive. We've already generated enough power for 1.5 SRECs and we'll never get that back.

After this gets done I'll be registering with SRECTrade and selling our SRECs at monthly auction through them.

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Anonymous said...

Just a note It will take 3 weeks to process after inspection is done to complete state paperwork/ My system wss inspected June 1 paperwork done july 10. Also your srec date is base upon your electic interconnection date not the state inspection. also jersey is using the GATS SYSTEM FOR SRECS. SRECTRADE IS THE WAY TO GO