Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Contractors Came by to Address Inspection Issues

The contractors came by today to try to address the issues that the state inspector brought up. They added a number-filled sticker to the front of one of the inverters, and did some kind of tweak on the panel mount racks.

It's been three months since the system has been up and running. Hopefully it passes inspection this time and we can get on to business.


GOGOA said...

I am still in the incipient stages of getting the state approval for my system. I have read your recent blogs regarding GROSolar and frankly they are disturbing. If GRO-solar cannot get the system to pass the inspection then we have a huge problem here. Please keep me posted as to how this next inspection goes.

dave c. said...

As you could probably tell, I'm not happy that it's three months and counting since we've been trying to pass inspection. I'm not happy with all the bureaucratic failings that I've described. Each iteration shouldn't be taking so long.

As far as the system itself goes, I don't think groSolar has dropped the ball at all. There were two reasons that it failed the 8/11 inspection.

1) The inspector wanted an additional label on the inverter. Not a big deal although obviously I wish the sticker had been there so the system would pass.

2) The inspector claims that the rails that the panels are attached to are somehow "wrong." I got to know the crew that installed these and I really get the impression (from them as well as the scope of the other projects they are currently working on) that they really know what they're doing. The chief, EF, thinks the inspector didn't like that the bolt on the end of each rail was a few degrees off upright. Yesterday they came out and did their thing -- now they are all perfectly straight. It really doesn't look much different unless you look close, and after three months I have no doubt that they were installed correctly.

Hopefully we'll pass this time. At this point groSolar is playing with their own money because the only money they haven't received is the rebate money which is contingent on passing inspection.

But except for the bureaucratic failings I'm very happy with groSolar.