Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Way to "Make" Green Energy

Reducing energy usage is as green as it can get -- it's as green as the power generated by the panels on my roof.

That's why I loved this letter to the editor by R. Lalli of Atco that appeared in today's Courier Post (Cherry Hill, NJ):

Wasting Energy

"I noticed an immediate reduction in my electric bills as my central air conditioning system took less time to cool my home.."

Sounds familiar, right? Remember, air-conditioning season is the only period during which our house consumes more energy than it generates. Maybe better windows would change that for the better.

I must admit that in my house I have the crappy windows that the writer is referring to. Maybe that should be our next undertaking.

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Anonymous said...

Dave, I went with triple pane xenon filled from a great company in NY. Lifetime warranty even on accidental glass breakage and they are built better than any windows I have ever seen.