Sunday, August 22, 2010

PSE&G and Renewable Energy

Interesting article about one of South Jersey's utility company's attitude on renewable energy.

PSE&G Embracing Renewable Energy

"PSEG has embraced renewables for a number of reasons.

First, our customers tell us they want the benefits of green energy. Utilities are uniquely equipped to bring these benefits to millions of people, just as we have traditionally provided universal access to electricity and gas.

Second, renewables can help put energy on a more sustainable track by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy is not only carbon-free, but pollution-free.

Last but not least, renewables present an extraordinary jobs-and-growth opportunity.

New Jersey has a knowledge-based, high-tech economy. It's in our state's interest to have strong companies active here in the clean energy industry, creating jobs and poised to grow. It's in the interest of local communities, too. When we build a solar farm on a former contaminated site, as we are doing in Trenton, it not only brings land back into productive use, but also generates good-paying local jobs -- and hope for a better future."

Personally, based on my experience and what I read, I think PSE&G is less excited about renewable energy than their marketing spin meisters are claiming to be here. But it's still cool that they are doing some of these things anyway.

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