Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here's How It's Looking Two Years In


Jeff said...

Dave, love your blog! I just had my system installed (I'm in NJ) and it's not turned on yet. I read your recent post about you getting $640 for your latest SREC again. You also said unsold ones were piling up. I'm a bit confused. If your minimum price was met, wouldn't all your outstanding SREC's have been sold all at once? I'm not signed up with SREC Trade yet as I don't have the interconnect agreement in hand. Needless to say I've been worried about the under $200 SREC sales lately. Not what I expected when I signed up. So your news is welcome to say the least. Hit me back if you can at AUTOHOUND1@AOL.COM I'd really love to know if all your SREC's sold, or just one of them, and why not the others?



daveconifer said...

Hey, Jeff, sorry I didn't see this before.

I don't pay as close attention to the SRECs as I should, although I'm now trying to do better. I honestly have clue why all of a sudden that one SREC sold for a high price.

I just dropped my minimum SREC price yesterday because the unsold ones are starting to pile up. Unless the rules are changed I think the lower prices are here to stay, unfortunately...