Monday, October 24, 2011

Went Ahead and Lowered My SREC Price

I'm facing reality here -- SRECs are not as valuable as they were just a few months ago. I've been glancing at my statements only casually, but today I looked close and saw that I have 4 unsold SRECs. So I just lowered my minimum sales price. Just for the sake of experimentation, I did it this way:

2011/06 NJ (I have 1): minimum price $400

2011/07 NJ (I have 2): minimum price $300

2011/08 NJ (I have 1): minimum price $200

The next auction is October 31. I'll post my results...

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Steve S. said...


We're all hurting from the sudden drop in SREC prices...I'm holding out hope though that in the coming months it will begin to increase again. If you follow the trends on, you can see this starting to happen now. Prices there are creeping up over $225. I know that we will not get back to the $600+ numbers this energy year, but I'm holding out until prices hit at least $300, and am hoping for $400.

What I'm really hoping for though is that the state legislature passes SB 2371 ( to accelarate the SREC requirements for future years. If they do, then this drop in SREC prices should only be temporary at least.

We'll see how it goes...good luck!