Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maybe the Smart Meter is Okay

The people at PSE&G were pretty good yesterday, and eventually I was able to speak with Sharon, who knew her stuff. I'm still a little confused but I think she's telling me that if I learn more about the new meter I will see that it actually does do everything I want it to do. I took a lot of notes and will look for the information about that meter that she said was on their web site (if I search for "net metering").

The oddest part is that they have no record that my meter was replaced last Thursday. That's unsettling. They even asked ME to read the serial number from the meter and call it in so their records will be right. Who was that guy who did the meter swap? Just some guy off the street?

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Mobiustrip said...

Hi Dave,
I came across your blog while "test searching" for my own (
It seems we are at opposite ends of the earth, and opposite ends of the "going solar" process.
I must admit your experience with the meter is unsurprising and typical of many similar stories I've read about here in Australia. Most people have little interest in the minutiae of solar installations and if they are unlucky enough to encounter your situation they have little prospect of knowing where to start solving their dilemma.
Considering the apparently high degree of "regulation" this fledgling industry has been subjected to, it's my experience that few installers are properly trained and when it comes to the utilities people the "gap" between knowledge and practice is even wider.
I hope you get the correct meter soon, because I'm certain that (like here) your "smart meter" is going to reap great rewards for the utility company and leave you "out of pocket" big time. The advice to take photographs of the meter readings is excellent, I've been doing that for years, but now have a "Form" I made up using Google spreadsheets. This enables me to key meter readings into an online form (via any browser) which then allows submission to the (cloud) spreadsheet which calculates average daily use, a good indicator of consumption trends. A simple enhancement of the form and spreadsheet will accommodate additional data from my inverters and my new meter, when these are installed, soon.
I did wonder if you'd taken any note (pictures) of your inverter data display, as you'd only mentioned the smart meter?