Thursday, July 19, 2012

About to Escalate

I just informed my contact at PSE&G that later today I'll be sending letters to state Senators Fred Madden and Stephen Sweeney to ask for help in ending this fiasco.  Here's what I said:

I'm going to be writing a letter to State Senators Stephen Sweeney and Fred Madden about this. I mean no disrespect on a personal level, but this has been a fiasco that doesn't seem to be coming to any type of conclusion.
I understand that my installer didn't file the proper paperwork in 2009, and that the fact that I was able to net meter anyway was an accident. However, now that this oversight has been discovered earlier this year, I see no sign that PSE&G is doing much to help me resolve it. I've been patiently submitting documents, calling and emailing, and waiting for long enough.
This is costing me money and pushing my system payoff date back further and further. It's also stopping me from exporting green energy back onto the grid. I hope you can understand why I want to escalate this.

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