Sunday, May 3, 2009

Project Manager Comes By -- Installation to Start on Thursday

E.F. came out to the house today. He's the groSolar project manager who will be running the job. He needed to scope a few things out and get some details needed for a permit. Honestly, every person from groSolar is fantastic, each one one cooler than the last.

The truckload of materials will arrive Thursday morning (May 7) and they'll start building the system then. The crew will be small -- three people including E.F. It seems like a lot of work for three. He thinks they'll put in three full days, including Saturday, and then it will be finished.

He also told me that he likes to get the customers "involved" in the job as much as possible and suggested that I carry a few of the panels up to the roof myself. If this happens I hope I can get somebody to take my picture while I'm doing it.

One thing I'm disappointed about is that our system won't include a device to display how much energy we produce. That's something I was looking forward to. There is hardware that can do this but E.F. says that we're talking six hundred bucks to start with. We can think about adding it later. There's a possibility that this information will be available online, either through our account with the electric company, our account with NJCEP, or both. Otherwise, the only way we'll be able to know exactly what we're producing ourselves and what we still need from the grid is to study our electric bills. Bummer.

The application for exterior modifications arrived from our homeowners association arrived in the mail yesterday so I filled it out and attached a sketch. I also included a note of apology for the last-minute notice, explaining that until a few days ago we thought this wouldn't happen until July. Hopefully they won't try to jerk us around. It would take a lot of effort not to laugh if they called and told us that we can't start work until we've received their approval.

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