Thursday, May 7, 2009

Legal Hassle -- NOT

For the past week we've been getting calls from an energy company whose name we didn't recognize. When they sent a more detailed email yesterday I finally figured out who they must be -- the company that swallowed the company that swallowed the company that we originally signed the contract with for our solar energy system in 2007.

We haven't heard from them since Fall 2008, and that was only when we repeatedly called them to ask when they were going to build our system (the answer was always "we don't know"). Fast-forward six months to May 2009, over two years after we signed on with them. What did they want? Why, to schedule a site visit pursuant to a June 16-18 installation date. What? There is an obvious disconnect here.

We did a lot of worrying about this overnight. They neglected us for about eight months, and we were getting to the point where we were risking expiration of our New Jersey rebate, so we signed with another company in April (March 31 actually). I think we were within our rights to switch but we were both imagining an expensive legal hassle if they tried to claim that we were still obligated to work with them.

This morning I replied to their email telling them politely but firmly that we had moved on. Much to our relief they were very gracious and even apologetic about the whole matter. It sounds like they now have their act together but we fell through the cracks while they were busy acquiring themselves.

What a relief...

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