Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Installation Postponed

Installation of our system has been delayed. It's going to take longer for our township to review and approve the project and issue the permits. They say that they need to have it in house for a week to examine, which sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

This might also give us a chance to work out another minor issue. I had mistakenly believed that the solar panels to be installed were the black-framed ones, which look slicker:

Just the other day I came to realize that we were getting the traditional ones with grayish frames:

We're thrilled either way but we'd prefer the black ones. The difference is purely cosmetic but black-framed panels appear to be the wave of the future. We asked groSolar if we can upgrade and made it clear that we understand that it might cost more.

I also want to look into that system component that would tell us exactly how much power our system is generating.

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