Monday, June 1, 2009

Building the System: Day 7

After a long day of installing rails on Saturday, E.F. and M. are planning on getting all 36 panels installed on the main roof today.

These guys are the greatest. After installing the first row they didn't like how it was sitting. If you look close (hard to tell from this angle) the panels and the lower roof line were converging from left to right because of an imperfection in the roof. They also noticed a dip in the center of the roof that was throwing the alignment off. Instead of throwing up their hands and saying "it's not our fault the roof is off," they removed the panels and headed off for lunch at McDonalds to plan some adjustments.

The adjustments have probably added three hours to their work day but it looks awesome now. E.F. is a perfectionist: "That first row has to be exactly right."

It's mid-afternoon here and they're working on the last row of panels.

This picture (below) was taken from the top of the ladder. That's M. against the clouds. It's hard to tell where the panels stop and the sky starts.

All 48 panels are installed. I don't think they could have done a neater job. By coincidence, I just painted the trim purple last week and it matches the panels almost as if it had been planned that way.

The electrician will be here tommorow to install inverters, etc. and put the system online.

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Sandy said...

It looks fantastic!!!! Sounds like you had a terrific crew working on it. It is a pleasure to have a contractor who takes such pride in his work. The new sidelights look great, too. I bet Fluffy enjoys being able to look outside.