Monday, June 15, 2009

Ran Into the BP Solar / Home Depot Guy

I ran into A.S. of BPSolar over at Home Depot on Saturday so I had to break the news that we'd done a system with somebody else. He was cool about it and gave me a couple business cards to hand out just in case anybody nearby was interested in a system and wanted a local guy to run the job. Now I don't have to sneak in and out through the garden center anymore...


Anonymous said...

Hi, we have a bp solar rep coming over tonight and I'm trying to figure out if this is the "deal" they say. We are in North Central Jersey (JCP & L) and I'm very wary. Any quick comments? She says some sort of certificate deal is running out at the end of the month. Is this true?

dave c. said...

Hi. I'm not sure how to check up on this without the name of the program that they say is expiring. If you happen to know what it's called I could look it up.

The best place to find out what's going on in New Jersey for solar power is the New Jersey clean energy Program (NJCEP) website. I'm sure if any deal or rebate is being offered, it's listed on this website, which is always up to date. It's a great resource.

and then click on "Rebates and Promotions" on the left hand side.

Or, if you remember more about this deal let me know and I'll help you look.

Things are changing fast, especially with the new Federal administration which is high on alternative energy. I wouldn't be surprised if a program is ending at the end of the month. It seems there's always something being phased out and something else being phased in.

Let me know if I can help!

You could also email me at

GOGOA said...

I signed up with BP-solar only to realize that they are about $5000 more than the average installer out there. Even though they are touting it as they are the cheapest. When I contacted them about this - they replied and I quote:

Customers are getting a first class design package, genuine BP Solar panels
that go way beyond industry standards, and the peace of mind of a Home
Depot full 10 year warranty on all workmanship.

Remember, it is not the upfront low cost for some panel that determines
the true cost of a system, but it is the ability of a system to provide
consistent, reliable power throughout it's expected life...and beyond.
This means that BP Solar provides the lowest cost per watt over the life
of the system. NJ customers receive benefit from our superior performance
2 separate ways; one with free electricity and another with the abundance
of SREC's, year after year.

I think Home Depot is charging those extra $5000 to market it through their Chain.

Any thoughts?

dave c. said...

Hi Gogoa,

I never got far enough with BP Solar / Home Depot that we worked up a price. I honestly don't know if their price is higher than what most are quoting.

However, the justification for the higher price, if it is higher, is suspect. Sure, it's possible that they are better at system design and their panels are somehow better than what other installers use. I'm not knowledgable enough to pass judgment on that, although there are probably technical comparisons of the system components available on the internet.

But the other benefits cited are part of any solar installation. No matter who installs it, the owner will save on electricity and will generate SRECs. It almost sounds like they misunderstood the question.

David said...

Hey all,
You all have some great stuff up there. I was going to start working with BP solar and I have attended many of their seminars. However I decided to start my own business in solar b/c not only did I find BP/Home Depot salesforce not very appealing since they have so many people in the "pot", but I found that BP has the most expensive systems. So I started my own business and have formed my own coalition with roofers and tree experts. If anyone interested, feel free to send me an email and I will be more then happy to assist you. I would love for our state of NJ to be one of the first green state in the country.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

First off I can assure you that any number of local installers of solar can do a better job for cheaper then HomeDepot. Especially if Home depot wants to start competing with them. Home Depot signed an exclusive contract with BP and must sell their products. Local installers can draw from multiple sources and provide the customer with solutions that are beyond the scope of what they can provide and by virtue can find products outside of the “box”.

Secondly, Home Depot just became synonymous with the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico by affiliating themselves with BP. Now Home Depot will have to be reps for BP in defending them for their irresponsible behavior and actions while selling an inferior solar product. If customers want to buy “oil panels” to help support BP’s public relations champagne as they try to figure out how to recover then that’s their problem. Personally I’d rather support local business and local jobs with out helping a company that had profit margins into the 100′s of billions as they greedily destroyed the estuary’s and coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico..not to mention the Alaska disasters that never made the news.

Dont be fooled by this PR champagne.

Both BP and Home Depot are selling inferior products and whats worse is that they are doing it for redemption from something that can never be forgiven. Support your local installers and answer these guys with your wallet by boycotting Home Depot and all products offered by BP and their affiliates.

Anonymous said...

I had The Home Depot install a 10KW solar system on my house for the cost of $82,000.


The project took 15 months to complete, when I was told by the HD salesman it would take approx. 4 months. For the 15 month project duration, I continually had to endure incompetence, project mismanagement, and was downright lied to on numerous occasions!

The Home Depot was not even involved other than providing financing and the letter-head on the contract. There were a total of seven companies involved in the project, and they all pointed the finger to the other guy when something went wrong. When I called the Home Depot to complain, they didn’t even know who I should talk to, and just forwarded me to the subcontractors I was having the problems with in the first place!

I would be more than happy to talk to any potential Home Depot customers about my frustrating “Home Depot Solar Panel Project Experience”.

Definitely do your research before signing on the dotted line…