Thursday, June 11, 2009

SRECS and State Inspection

As already noted, I've been confused about how the SREC program will start "kicking in." I finally broke down today and called the SREC people at New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) and I'm glad I did. I understand the process a little better now.

N. was very knowledgable and helpful. It was weird in a way -- I pretty much just said "This is Dave" and all of a sudden she knew everything about me, and even mentioned that my SREC account had just been set to "Inactive." I guess there aren't as many residential solar installations in the state as I thought.

Anyway, she cleared up the mystery about why I can't get anything to "happen." It turns out that although we have been generating power for a week, none of the 200+ kilowatthours we've cranked out will count towards any SRECs. Understandably, they don't award SRECS for power generated by systems that haven't been inspected by state officials.

Now I realize why groSolar is asking for copies of various inspection documents. I think the process is this: groSolar turns in paperwork to New Jersey, gets the rebate money, and then calls to arrange the state inspection. Then, after the system passes inspection, the SREC pump will be primed, so to speak. That's when everything will start to happen.

It's a relief to understand the process better, at least.

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