Monday, June 8, 2009

Still Trying to Nail Down the SREC Process

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program website tells me everything I need to know about SRECS (solar renewable energy credits) except how to have them deposited in our SREC account (for which we registered on April 27). After hunting around I finally sent an email to somebody there. Hopefully they'll tell me where to start. I might even recommend that they add a FAQ about it and I'd be glad to write it.

We've generated 160 KWH in four days. It's not going to be much longer before we hit 1000 and earn that first golden ticket. I think it's odd that nobody at any point ever asked me what my SREC account number is. The NJCEP website is somewhat lacking when it comes to explaining exactly how to make the system work. I don't even understand how the SREC Commissioner even knows when we've earned one because they're not tied into our inverters (in any way I know of) and the electric meter couldn't tell them that. I see the phrase "upload your readings" here and there on the website but it can't be the honor system, could it?

I set up a spreadsheet summarizing the energy produced, imported and exported. It'll be in another post.

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