Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm a Solar Incentive Hypocrite

Remember the other day when I posted that I have mixed feelings about the government programs that I have benefited from? Here's what I meant.

On the one hand I think we need to look forward and exploit new technologies to generate the energy we need. On the other hand -- I'm just not a big government guy.

The word "hypocrite" won't get out of my head.

Below is a link to an interesting column by David Levy of The Energy Collective. It includes this quote:

"...This is a massive subsidy indeed, and raises significant policy issues. Even for those who are fervent advocates of renewable energy, does it make sense to provide such huge subsidies to solar, when modest subsidies for land-based wind power of around 2-3c/kWh serve to make it grid competitive in many regions? Would the money be better spent on research and development, and the development of local workforce skills and business clusters? Subsidizing installation at the retail level will generate a few local jobs for developers, electricians and installers, but the panels will mostly be imported. There is a serious risk of consumer backlash when people realize the extent of the subsidies and the impact on their utility bills..."

David Levy Column

Just food for thought, my friends...

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