Monday, June 7, 2010

SRECs Sold So Far

As a review: an SREC is a certification that a system has produced 1000 Kilowatthours of solar energy. They can be bought and sold as commodities. In most states the utility companies are required to include certain percentages of 'green' power in their total production. They can and do purchase these certificates rather than physically generate the green power to meet this requirement. [I have mixed feelings about this scheme, many of which make me a hypocrite, but that's for another post.]

We sold one SREC for May, for $ 665.

So here's summary of SREC activity. We've been eligible to generate them since sometime last fall (I haven't been able to pin down the exact point where the energy we generated "counted" but I know we lost out on all that summer 2009 power because we hadn't passed inspection yet.)

Fall 2009 (sold at auction in December): 4 SRECs @ $ 660 = $ 2640
December 2009 (none generated)
January 2010 (sold at auction in February): 1 SREC @ $ 660 = $660
February 2010 (sold at auction in March): 1 SREC @ $ 665 = $ 665
March 2010 (none generated)
April 2010 (sold at auction in May): 2 SRECs @ 665 = $ 1330
May 2010 (sold at auction in June): 1 SREC @ 665 = $ 665

Grand Total: 9 SRECs sold for a total of $5,960.

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