Friday, May 18, 2012

Dear Lord, What a Friggin' Nightmare

I thought I was out of the woods after trucking down to the township hall of records and securing a copy of the UCC inspection-passing thingie (mostly because my PSE&G helper told me that's all I needed to solve the problem, have a new meter installed, and resume net metering).

But no.

I just received a new letter from somebody else at PSE&G, telling me the following:

We have received your UCC certification.   However, we need the completed Part 2 (or Part B) of the interconnection application agreement.

I'm really trying.  I tried to politely reply that I don't have any idea what that is, but if they could give me a few hints maybe I could work on it.

What happens if I miraculously find that?  I'm betting that there will be some thing else that I need to submit.  And so on, and so on.

This is so frustrating.  If they didn't have everything they needed back in 2009 (and I'm not implying that this isn't true) they should have asked for it then, when there was a faint hope that I might actually be able to find it, or even know what it is.

Whatever has gone wrong, they are as much at fault as anybody because they have been net metering my account for nearly three years! 

I asked at the bottom of my reply if it might be easier to just pretend that my installation is new, and start the process over.  Because I don't think this is every going to be resolved any other way.

I feel like I'm living in a Dilbert comic strip...

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