Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do I Need to Sue Somebody! AAAH!!!!!!!!

PSE&G is killing me.  Thanks to my ongoing bureaucratic nightmares I've already lost the lucrative spring period of net metering, which in monetary terms is probably upwards of five hundred to a thousand bucks.  And there's no end in sight.  The last word from the enigmatic entity known as PSE&G was that I need to submit a  "Part 2 (or Part B) of the interconnection application agreement."  No clue as to what the hell that is or where to get one.  The person suggested that I email it, which seems to be a clue that it exists in electronic format, but without a reference to a place to download it, that's rather useless.  I can't get the person on the phone, despite numerous messages left.  Nor can I even get an email returned.

If I can get them to tell me what it is and who has to prepare it, I'll probably then have to go to my installer, groSolar, and ask them to fill it out.  Of course, since the job was completed nearly three years ago, that's going to be another nightmare.  I already sent them a message about it, but just like PSE&G -- no reply.

As I just said in my latest email, the reasonable thing to do would be to "grandfather" in my net metering arrangement, given that they've been enforcing it for nearly three years and billing me accordingly.  They discovered by accident that some form was either not filed by the installer three years ago or maybe just lost.  So what?  Everything works.  Just let it keep working.  If they didn't have what they needed, they never should have started the net metering arrangement in the first place, and they never should have billed me accordingly.

Would it be unreasonable to sue somebody here?  It's not like I want a million bucks because coffee was hot.  I don't want any money at all.  I just want people to do their jobs so I can continue to generate green energy and pay off my system.

I'm dyin' here...


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
Simple solution to problems with your electric company. NJPUC (New Jersey Public Utilities Commission). My experience with them vs. phone co. or electric co. is that you get a fast response from the PUC go against them when they go looking for rate increases. For the most part you can file complaints online and the offending company usually responds in 24 hours or less plus the call comes from people fairly high up.
Sue? NJ small claims court is incredibly cheap ($15-$20). You must file in the county where you live or where PSE&G has their headquarters. Go down to your county courthouse, small claims division and they will help you fill out the paperwork and if it's notr too expensive , have a sherriff serve the summons (rather than USPS mail). Nothing like a summons to brighten their day and give them some of the aggravation they've given you!
Hope this helps!!

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