Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PSE&G is Avoiding Me

I've been trying to get in touch for over a week now with the person who supposedly can help me out with my net metering problem.  To be fair, I've only left two messages over that period (the other times he's been unavailable), but shouldn't one message be enough? 

Tommorrow I'll try the first guy again, and ask him what I should do.

I knew this was going to be a nightmare.

edit: [about an hour has passed]

I take back everything I said!  The guy from PSE&G just called me back and he was extremely cool to talk with!   I almost asked him if he'd be watching the Devils game, since he's in Newark.  He told me exactly what I need to do, which isn't that bad.  I just have to fax him a copy of the certificate of approval for the system, which should have been issued by Washington Township.  Then I'll get my new meter.

I'll have to go to the Township offices and hope they can turn up a copy for me. 


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