Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Homes with Solar Built-in!

Cornerstone Building Group LLC is developing a small community of new housing with a 5.2KW solar panel system built right in! It's in South Jersey's Mullica Hill, just a few miles away (from where I am).

How cool! I've been wondering when something like this might pop up (I'm sure it's not the first but it's the first one I noticed.) I hope this catches on and people realize how utterly painless it is to capture and use all that energy that drips down the sides of our houses and goes unused.

Valle del Sol Exclusive Features

+ Exclusive agreement with Eastern Energy Services to supply, install and maintain a + 5.2 KW solar panel system on each home to lower energy costs and reduce environmental impact.
+ Solar powered street lights throughout development.

Energy-efficient Design

+ Insulated double-pane single hung windows with built-in grilles and screens and lower sash tilt-in design
+ 14 SEER Central air conditioning
+ High efficiency heat pumps
+ Fully insulated (R-30) ceilings and (R-13) exterior walls and superseal foam insulation package
+ 50 gallon high-efficiency direct vent electric hot water heater

Here's a link to the Valle del Sol page on Cornerstone's web site:

Valle del Sol

I must add for the sake of LOL that another of their developments in Deptford, New Jersey is incorrectly labeled as being in Debtford.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

August: 1 SREC Sold

We sold one SREC for August, for $625.65.

One of these months we're going to generate two of them. We seem overdue for that.