Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Questions and Issues for a New Installation

Tony is a fellow Jerseyan who is currently researching a solar installation. He made some interesting comments and had some useful questions in a comment thread. I think his contribution would make a useful discussion point so I'm posting it here.

Also, he said nice things about this blog. That's always a good reason to repost!

If anybody has any information or ideas, please share! And Tony, feel free to post any numbers or projections as a comment here.

Here's what Tony said:

I have to say, after perusing the internet for info on this subject this blog has been the most helpful. It's relevance to my situation is great and the focus on the minutia of this undertaking is greatly appreciated. I have never commented on a blog before so I am unsure of the process/protocol. That being said, my comment/question is in regard to my very recent interest and inquiry into solar. I live in central Jersey. I have read a lot of opinions, facts(hopefully) and general information to feel somewhat comfortable discussing it. Last week I had a representative from Mercury Solar pay me a visit. He was a very nice guy and gave a comprehensive and professional presentation. The numbers he proposed in his "solar financial feasibility study" seemed viable and ultimately profitable. I immediately had the "it's to good to be true feeling" wash over me. Just wondering if anyone following this blog has met or dealt with Mercury Solar. If so, could you please offer any and all pos/neg feedback on them. If possible would it be ok for me to post the numbers I was quoted for feedback from all of the current solarites following this blog?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Looking for Mr. and Mrs. "Pennsylvania 9.84"

Somebody in Pennsylvania who is looking to install a solar power system in Pennsylvania needs our help. We've had a very helpful commenter from Pennsylvania who had a 9.84 kW system installed in May. This new commenter would like to find out about what company did that installation. So, Mr./Mrs. "9.84" and Mr./Mrs. "Somebody in Pennsylvania", please feel free to exchange contact information here if that would help...