Saturday, September 15, 2012

Copped Out and Sold for Eighty Bucks

I copped out and took my broker's offer to sell my SRECs at an astonishingly low price of eighty bucks.  It's almost like throwing money into the street, but I'm not on top of how and when these things expire so I didn't want to get stuck with zero bucks.

Can't wait for the new regs to go into effect...

Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Solar Time!

Well, the power-pigs have been turned off and we're now into the long stretch (about 8 months) where we'll produce more power than we use and have some to sell back to the power company.

The new meter isn't as hard to understand as it looks.  It has a simulated rotary dial indicator on its digital screen, so it's easy to tell at any given moment whether we're importing or exporting.  Not as cool as the spinning metal wheel, but it works.

It also indicates how much power has been imported and how much has been exported since the meter was installed.  As of a few minutes ago we've imported 1603 KWh and exported 1017 KWh since the meter was installed in late July.  That's not too bad, considering it was heavy AC season.  I'll take a guess that it'll take another week (if it stays sunny and reasonably cool) before the exports exceed imports, and it'll probably stay that way forever.

Same Old Same Old -- an O'fer on SRECs Again

I dropped the SREC floor price to $125 for all six of my SRECs and got the same result -- No sales.

Hopefully the pending legislation will solve this for people who've invested in solar and count on decent SREC income to help with payback.  I'm pretty far along and will probably reach system payoff in about sixteen months, but I have a good run at selling these things for six or seven hundred dollars.  Newer owners aren't so lucky.  At this rate there won't be a lot more 'newer owners.'