Monday, October 24, 2011

More on SREC Value Plummet

Here's an article from the Gloucester County Times (here in South Jersey) over the weekend.

More about the SREC glut / price plummet.

Gloucester County Times

Went Ahead and Lowered My SREC Price

I'm facing reality here -- SRECs are not as valuable as they were just a few months ago. I've been glancing at my statements only casually, but today I looked close and saw that I have 4 unsold SRECs. So I just lowered my minimum sales price. Just for the sake of experimentation, I did it this way:

2011/06 NJ (I have 1): minimum price $400

2011/07 NJ (I have 2): minimum price $300

2011/08 NJ (I have 1): minimum price $200

The next auction is October 31. I'll post my results...