Monday, February 2, 2015

Expected SREC was Not Awarded!

The new revenue grade meter is fun to watch, because it boils everything down to the most important number: how much power did the system produce?  (Well, I guess the amount of unneeded power exported to the grid for credit is just as important, but there's no point in arguing with myself).

However -- I'm not quite as close to recouping the 800 bucks I spent installing that thing last October as I thought.  I just entered my January reading, 2182 kwh.  You'd think that this would mean 2 SRECs have been earned since installation, given that it's one SREC per every 1,000 kwh generated.  But the broker's website did not award that second one.  Talk about a let-down after hitting the return key!

I just sent in my query about this to their help desk, but I think I figured it out.  I'm guessing that the approximately 500 kwh that was sitting on the meter on December 31, 2014 goes bye-bye.  I hope not.  I think that's asinine.