Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cranking the Power!

Yeah, I've been grumpy about system approval and SRECs and bureaucracy. There's one thing that I'm not grumpy about: how well the system works!

On a day like today -- not a cloud in the sky -- the electric meter is spinning backwards so fast that it looks like the blade on one of those meat slicers behind the deli counter.

Give me a few minutes with a whetstone and I'd have all I need to open a sandwich shop.

The meter reading is already back to what it read in mid-August. This system is generating way more power than we (a family of five) use and the clean energy we don't use is going back out onto the grid to be used by others.

Solar power is not reliable enough to be a huge component in any national energy plan but what's happening right here on my roof is definitely something to consider.

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