Friday, December 14, 2012

Final Clarification (Again)

Yeah, in light of the lists of acceptable meters that I posted yesterday (one of which included mine), I AGAIN asked my broker if my meter was sufficient.  Hey, it's on a friggin' list.  I know they're totally annoyed with me, but I feel like there are people relying on me to help clear this up.

They replied that the new meter is "in addition to the electric meter installed by the local utility to measure the home or business' electric consumption."  (that's a quote from the NJ BPU declaration).

They added that "if the meter you are speaking about is your utility net meter, then it is not sufficient to meet the requirements of the NJ BPU mandate."

I dunno', I guess I'm supposed to feel like an idiot, but I just don't.  This shouldn't be so complicated, but I still haven't seen a simple explanation as to what equipment is needed in order to continue to accrue SRECs.  After asking various questions of various people I'm now satisfied that my setup doesn't cut the mustard,
 but it shouldn't have been so difficult to figure that out.

A simple paragraph and maybe a schematic or diagram showing what is needed and where it fits into the existing system would do wonders to clear this up for me and the dozens of blog readers that are e-mailing me.  Part of the problem is that there really isn't an advocate for the small solar producers, somebody who has a stake in getting this message delivered clearly.


Anonymous said...

Do you just have 1 meter... or 2? I had my system installed about 13 months ago.. and I've always had 2 meters. 1 was in the back of my home and was labled "SREC Meter". That only has 1 reading on it. I then have another meter where the old one was... and that flips between the 100 reading... and the 101 reading. Both input and output. SRECTrade told me I had to use the SREC meter to give readings. I also noticed that the output reading on my electric meter is LOWER than the generation reading from my SREC meter. So if I were using the figures from my electric meter.. I'd be getting cheated out of production. Maybe the electricity generated by the system just isn't as much as gets put out to the electric company. There might be some loss there. The official SREC meter specifically is saying what's generated by the system.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the output figure for your electric provider's net meter should show a lower volume, as it's counting what goes out to the grid. Some of the electricity you produce is actually used in your home, causing the "in" number on your net meter to be lower than it would otherwise be as well. That's why you have to have a meter that counts the solar produced as it leaves the inverter - there's no way to calculate the solar production from the net meter numbers.