Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walton Family Undermining Solar, ILSR Finds

http://www.ilsr.org/walton-report/ "The Walton family — majority owners of Walmart — are impeding America’s transition to a clean energy future, a new study by ILSR finds. At a time when more than 500,000 households and businesses are generating their own solar electricity, and the U.S. solar industry is employing 143,000 people, the Waltons are funding nearly two dozen organizations working to roll back renewable energy policies, while a Walton-owned company is pushing for regulations aimed at hindering the growth of rooftop solar power."


Unknown said...

I would love to have solar panels installed on my roof. My neighbor had solar panels installed on her house last year and her power bill has gone way down. That really appeals to me.

Susan Hirst | http://www.jerseysolarlasvegas.com/services/

Unknown said...

I agree Susan, I would also love to have solar panels on my roof. Beyond the lower power bill, I would feel like I was doing my part to help conserve the Earth. I am going to talk to a solar company today.

JoeyWalden87 said...

I use to work for a company that installed solar panels. There is a boom in the solar energy field. It is more affordable and is good for the environment. http://artisanelectricinc.com/solar/solar-overview/